Servicing Part 2

  • Disconnection of systems
  • Removal of transmission
  • Removal of clutch

Routine Servicing

We've already had our first round for 2010. The last ever race meeting at Oran Park.

Sam was unlucky to suffer clutch failure while comfortably leading the opening Formula Tasman race. Whilst it was a shame to miss out on completing the final event at Oran Park, we're going to make the most of this misfortune, and we're planning a video series, following the maintenance process on the Reynard 94D, from arrival in the workshop, to reassembly, ready for the next round.

The first video in the series is below. Stripping the car down.

  • Removal of bodywork
  • Removal of floor (diffuser)
  • Removal of wheels
  • Removal of exhaust
  • Disassembly of transmission